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She hesitantly says that she has, a little bit. 'Mom.' Nancy tries to interrupt but Kate continues. Title plate, cUT TO a little later that day, Nancy is curled up on the couch with her laptop. When he arrived at the office he learned that they'd gotten him mixed up with another applicant, he was never among their top choices. She clutches the pregnancy box test in her hand so hard it starts to crumple in her hand as she sinks down along the wall and starts crying. Her mother, Kate (. He catches his breath and puts his hands to his forehead in exhaustion. Frank struggles to say something as both crying angry women stare him down, and Kate gives up remarking that Frank doesn't even have anything to say for himself, he can't even say he's sorry. He begs Kate to forgive him, and starts completely lying to her. This could be the end of their troubles.

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If he does again, she's going to leave him. He asks them what's going on, and Kate instantly turns on him, telling him that Nancy told her about what they did the day he got fired and she can't believe he lied to her and didn't tell her about. She taps her fingers against it with nervous anticipation as she mutters to it to come on and work faster. It's embarrassing, she says, he's not even memorable enough to leave a bad impression, he's just completely forgettable. It was probably her fault that Frank was fired, and her fault that Frank was willing to fuck his own step-daughter! Suddenly she's interrupted by a knock on the door, and the voice of her step-father, Frank (Steve Holmes). Ever since she turned eighteen Nancy's been acting like a complete slut, and it's just been getting worse. Kate is livid, though isn't on her daughter's side. Nancy looks up, and asks how he was able to get Kate to forgive her. Kate tells Nancy to stay out of this, calls her a whore, and turns back to Frank asking how he could do all that to her.

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that secretly wanted her all along. Frank tells her he made up with Kate, and has come to do the same with her. 'Yeah, Frank she says flatly, 'sure it could.' Frank gives his step-daughter a quick kiss, then exits the bathroom - he's off to get this job. He says that he didn't treat her right before, but he wants to now. He fidgets with his hair in front of the mirror and asks Nancy how he looks. Frank enters the master bedroom, where Kate is sobbing on the bed. Kate says how is she supposed to forgive him, she just wants to forget the whole thing ever happened. Frank says of course he's sorry, but it's too late and Kate has already stormed off to the master bedroom leaving Frank alone with Nancy. It's just in the nick of time, as Frank tells her that he's late for an interview and he hopes she's done in there because he's coming. Nancy's eyes widen and she quickly tries to hide the evidence of the test as she says that yes, she's in here - she grabs the stick and the small cardboard box it came in and hides them behind her back, and flushes the toilet. CUT TO Frank entering Nancy's bedroom. Nancy says she can't just forget about. ...

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Frank swears it is, he would never want to homoseksuaaliseen sensuelli hieronta monstercocks do anything to hurt Kate. Once she's calmed herself down, she looks back down at the stick and sees two lines appear on the small display. That job was way better to him than he deserved, Kate says, he should have been willing to do anything to not let that job slip through his fingers. Nancy tells her all about what happened that day - how Frank bargained for his job back by whoring out Nancy to his boss, how he got fired, anyways, and then how he hate-fucked Nancy afterwards. She really forgave him? Frank looks away for a second and finds jeune cul vierge rencontre plan gay himself lying again instinctively, saying that he told Kate the truth, that it was his idea to offer a deal to his boss to fuck his teen step-daughter in exchange for keeping his job. The door opens, and Nancy tries to act like everything's normal. Nancy is surprised, he really said that? 'MOM Nancy cuts her off, and tells Kate there's something she needs to know about the day he got fired. He asks her what she was going to say and she says just that she wants him right here, right now. Why he didn't beg to keep that old job when he had the chance, she'll never know.

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