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Restaurants created a demimonde with its own delights, hazards, bywords, and peculiar flavor. And a renowned chef oversaw the wasn't until the Civil War period that food was systematically prepared and served on trains. Mariani William Morrow:New York 1991 (p.122) 1926 Taylor's Maid-Rite debuts in Iowa 1953 McDonald's first store with the classic golden arches opened in Phoeniz, Arizona in May 1953. Tuck narrow end under to make roast uniformly thick. The effect is somewhat like eating a variety of canapes at a cocktail party, with much the same overly complex mixture of seasonings and sauces, and much the same running together of dishes, resulting in a nagging sense of dissatisfaction. Sandwiches are not too frequently seen nowadays, because of their tendency to dry out. The restaurant is open ever day and there is supper dancing Friday and Saturday. 9) 1965 "Why fly to Vienna for ay right here at Kennedy Airport and enjoy it and lovely evening at The Golden Door Restaurant. G11) 1965 Meal time roulette supersonic shortcuts "Airline meals prove one thing-you don't have to be hungry to eat! Black coffee in small cups is passed on a tray, with cream and sugar, in the drawing- and smoking-rooms after the guests have left the table. One of these is Southern fried chicken.

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R10) 1965: California cool "With construction of the 39-story Long Beach Tower Building near completion, the circular apartment building's million dollar 'revolving' restaurant on the 36th floor was unveiled Thursday to the press and civic dignitaries. Offered another alternative for women up in town. Race track fans are the biggest spenders, per person, but they do not buy peanuts. Furthermore, the restaurant eater could choose exactly what to eat. And over the past quarter-century the vogue in one-on-one attention has shifted from psychiatrist to personal trainer to nutritionist. Third course: Eight roast dishes and sixteen vegetable dishes cooked in meat stock. As this new cuisine became highly publicized, diners were eager to sample all of the dishes they had read about, and so each person in a group ordered a different appetizer, main course and dessert. With one exception, Italians." -"The Economic Future of the Negro. Will be flowing into the devices every e high cost and scarcity of labor, as well as the growth of public confidence in vending machines, is helping swell the population of these robot sales clerks." -"Robot Salesmen: Vending. What people liked about such places was that the food was not just cooked but served hot. Chang, editor Yale University Press:New Haven 1977 (p. Assorted antipasto is 60 cents, manicotti 75 cents, chicken cacciatore with spaghetti,.25. Spectators enjoyed food at the Colosseum Roman soldiers ate as they marched. Breakfast appears to have been a standard affair of rolls freshly baked in the ship's ovens, with butter, preserves or honey; eggs (served boiled in the shell for German passengers, fried or poached for Americans Frankfurt sausage, ham, salami.

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The last option is the most intriguing. Except at a handful of restaurants such s as Chez Cary and Ambrosia in Newport Beach, the practice has gradually been dying out in Southern California. 327-328) Current Joint Culinary Center of Excellence manages US Military training programs Delicatessens "Until the late nineteenth century, delicatessens were primarily run by Germans and Alsatians in this country. Its most popular drink is the Miss New Orleans, a frozen peach colada that is a perfect compliment to the humid climate. The tables-and chairs likewise-were of a special lighweight tubular aluminum design-'as light as possible, as stable as possible'-created for the "Hindenburg" by Professor Breuhaus. In the sixty-nine leading establishments 800,000 is invested- 13,000 in sums from 500 to 1,000 and 200,000 in sums from 1,000 to 25,000. The apparatus was so arranged that upon the dropping of a coin into a slot it would fall on a lever which would raise a valve and thus allow the water to flow out. The doughnut-shaped dining area has an outside diameter of 84 feet and an inside diameter of 58 feet. The menu was varied and food was served quickly. The New York fan has learned to love the peanut, but his coldness toward lemonade rivals that of the wildly heralded frigidity of the drink itself. Diners-out have grown so insistent on taking home the leftovers on their plates that restaurant supply houses now sell millions of special greaseproof containers for this purpose each l too frequently, complain restaurant owners, guests use doggie bags.