Lgbt rights in Nigeria - Wikipedia Mass Nigerian arrests for homosexual acts in Lagos State - BBC News Mapping anti-gay laws in Africa Amnesty International Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender lGBT ) persons in, nigeria face legal and social. Mass homosexual arrests. Termes manquants : copines mere. More than 40 men have been arrested. Nigeria over the weekend for performing homosexual acts, police say. Nigeria passes law banning homosexuality - Telegraph Mass Nigerian arrests for homosexual acts in Lagos State Cliniques anti-gays : quand l homosexualité est considérée comme LES bains 72 - Sauna coquins - Paris (75018) - Petit Futé Les 7 Meilleurs Sites de plan cul gratuit Gay Grosse Bite Arabe Gay Verdun They are due to appear in court. But Uganda s anti- gay laws have become even harsher. Nigeria already outlaws same-sex relationships. Termes manquants : copines ma mere. A new law in, nigeria, signed by the president without announcement, has made it illegal for gay people to even hold a meeting.

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If married, the punishment for committing sodomy is execution by stoning ( rajm ). Chapter 21 of that code provides in pertinent part as follows: 7 Section 214. 8 :page: 54 In the state of Sokoto, a person who commits the offence of gross indecency "shall be punished with caning which may extend to forty lashes or may be liable to imprisonment for a term. Chris Ewokor, BBC Africa, Abuja, nigeria has an influential Christian evangelical movement in the south and strong support for Islamic law in the north, both of which oppose homosexuality. "This law threatens the very livelihood of lgbt people and allies in Nigeria, and sets a dangerous precedent for persecution and violence against minorities throughout the region said the organization's Shawn Gaylord. Under Nigeria's new law, it is now a crime to have a meeting of gays, to operate or go to a gay club, society or organization, or make any public show of affection. In the State commits an offence". In Kano, death by stoning also applies if one has previously been married. 8 :page: 128 In the state of Bauchi, caning may not exceed forty lashes, and in the state of Kano, imprisonment may not exceed one year. Under Section 407, the punishment is a maximum of one year's imprisonment or a fine, or both. 8 :page: 53 Meaning of lesbianism edit In the states of Bauchi, Gombe, Jigawa, Kaduna, Kano, Katsina, Kebbi, Sokoto, Yobe, and Zamfara, lesbianism is committed by "whoever, being a woman, engages another woman in carnal intercourse through her. US Secretary of State John Kerry said Monday the United States is "deeply concerned" by a law that "dangerously restricts freedom of assembly, association, and expression for all Nigerians.".

of adults (all were at least 18 years of age) surveyed in Nigeria was 1,128, yielding a margin of error of 3 percent with a 95 percent confidence level. "Chapter 21, Nigerian Criminal Code". Any male person who, whether in public or private, commits any act of gross indecency with another male person, or procures another male person to commit any act of gross indecency with him, or attempts to procure. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (lgbt) persons in, nigeria face legal and social challenges not experienced by non. Uganda, it's already illegal to be gay in Uganda. The Same-Sex Marriage Prohibition Act criminalises all forms of same-sex unions and same-sex marriage throughout the country. Several African leaders have warned they will not be dictated to on a subject that is anathema to their culture and religion. Some have suggested the new law in Nigeria and the proposed one in Uganda are a backlash to Western pressure to decriminalize homosexuality. Department of State, page 58" (PDF). According to the 2007, pew Global Attitudes Project, 97 percent 4 of Nigerian residents believe that homosexuality is a way of life that society should not accept, which was the second-highest rate of non-acceptance in the 45 countries surveyed. It has lengthened sentences for consensual homosexual sex, and extended punishments to those 'promoting' homosexuality. The law follows a similar one passed in Uganda in December 2013, which imposes life imprisonment for some types of homosexual acts. ...

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The event that was raided was to raise awareness about HIV testing in the gay community in Lagos, activist for gay rights in Nigeria Bisi Alimi told the BBC. 9 :70 In Sokoto, "ta'azir" means "a discretionary punishment for offence whose punishment is not specified". Department of State" (PDF). "Appendix: A Bill For An Act To Make Provisions For The Prohibition Of Sexual Relationship Between Persons Of The Same Sex, Celebration Of Marriage By Them And For Other Matters Connected Therewith reprinted in "Human Rights, Homosexuality and the Anglican. Note 1 On 29 November 2011, the Senate of Nigeria passed the "Same Sex Marriage (Prohibition) Bill, 2011". 18 :51 On 12 September 2008, four newspapers published the names, addresses, and photographs of the twelve members of the House of Rainbow Metropolitan Community Church, a lgbt-friendly church in Lagos. Sall told the AP afterward that other countries should refrain from imposing their values beyond their borders. A b c d " Sharia Implementation in Northern Nigeria : A Sourcebook, authored by Philip Ostien, Spectrum Books Limited, Ibadan, Nigeria, 2007, volume III, chapter 3, part IV (republished on the Internet by the University of Bayreuth with. 11 If signed into law by President Goodluck Jonathan, the bill would: make a marriage contract or civil union entered into between persons of the same sex "invalid and illegal and. 8 :page: 127 In the states of Kano and Katsina, "any female person who dresses or is attired in the fashion of a man in a public place" is a vagabond. It was unclear why the law's passage has been shrouded in secrecy.

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nigeria gay laws les copines de ma mere 8 :page: 127 Punishment for being a vagabond or incorrigible vagabond edit In the states of Bauchi, Gombe, Jigawa, Katsina, Kebbi, Sokoto, Yobe, and Zamfara, a person convicted as being a vagabond faces imprisonment lasting grosse chienne gay baise gay grosse bite up to one year. 10 The bill, however, did not pass. 17, though no announcement was made. Africa Live: More on this and other stories.
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Nigeria gay laws les copines de ma mere A b c " 2011 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices: Nigeria, Bureau baise gay nature plan cul seine maritime of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor,.S. Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor,.S. Their laws instead say: "Whoever commits an act of gross indecency upon the person of another without his consent or by the use of force or threat compels a person to join with him in the commission of such act shall be punished".